Mr. Subadhan Rai

suva2I am from one of the highly remote and rural communities of Solukhumbu District. There were no employment opportunities in Nepal. So, I went to Qatar for foreign employment. I spent nearly 3 years in Qatar. After I came back to Nepal, I visited the office of Prangarik Pathshala.

With the training, technical support and mentorship of Prangarik Pathshala, I (along with my brother) have been doing commercial vegetable farming. We have taken 10 ropanis of land in Thaiba-8, Lalitpur @NRs. 13,000 per ropani of land. Prangarik Pathshala helped me to register our agro-enterprise in a governmental agency, get collateral free seed capital from a local bank and fund from governmental agencies. Likewise, prangarik Pathshala facilitated me for market linkage.

We are growing pesticides free vegetables. We produce quality and healthy vegetables. That’s why we get higher price for our agro-products. We are making good income. I suggest young people not to go abroad for employment. I can say confidently that we can create employment opportunities not only for us but also for others through agriculture.