Services & Schemes

  • Technical advise and consultancy services for Agro farm house design, development, construction and management
  • Agriculture business planning
  • Agriculture enterprise development & risk reduction
  • Technical management of farm house/agro-enterprise
  • Feasibility study of farm house, agriculture business or enterprise
  • Availability of agriculture related equipment, tools and machinery items for poly house, drip irrigation and green house construction Installment of drip irrigation and poly house technologies
  • Availability of necessary equipment and tools for rooftop/terrace farming and installment services
  • Agriculture company registration, audit and renew in the office of company registrar
  • Agro company’s domain name booking, hosting, website content management and development
  • Online and offline marketing of farmers’ agro company and its products
  • Publication of agricultural educational materials like books, leaflets, newsletter, manuals, magazine for farmers knowledge and information
  • Production of audio visual materials like TV programs, radio programs, documentary films on agricultural issues
  • Linkages with Bank and Finance Institutions to have access to credit and facilitation for access to finance
  • Technical services related to access to land for agriculture