Research Centre
at Prangarik Pathshala(school of agriculture) attempts to facilitate positive change through research that result in increased food production, income level, poverty reduction, food & nutritional security through the availability of adequate, healthy, nutritious foods to all. We adopt research system responsive to the concerns, needs and problems of farmers, agro-enterprises, agri-businesses and agricultural stakeholders.



To carry out research based projects on agricultural issues; we possess a team of agricultural experts, scholars, scientists and highly experienced and skilled practitioners. Through research, we promote clear and scientific analysis of the issues and seek to identify recommendations and solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Our research areas:

  • Horticulture ( especially vegetables, mushrooms, fruits)

  • Livestock

  • Agriculture enterprise/entrepreneurship

  • Agri-business

  • Agriculture market

  • Value chain

  • Agriculture economy

  • Sustainable and commercial agriculture

  • Smallholder, semi-commercial and commercial farmers’ concerns

  • Food systems and policies

  • Resilient agriculture

  • Land and agriculture

  • Environment-friendly farming/Environment & agriculture

  • Organic farming

  • The nexus between climate change and agriculture

  • Water and agriculture

  • Food supply chains

  • Healthy food and lifestyles

  • Food waste reduction

  • Agriculture policies & programs

  • Agriculture politics/agro-governance

  • Agriculture corruption

  • Food security: availability, access, utilization, and stability

  • Nutritional security

  • Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) and agriculture

  • Technology and agriculture

  • Agro inputs and farming

  • Agriculture insurance

  • Youth and agriculture

  • Women and agriculture

  • Urban and peri-urban farming