Our Team


Mr. Ramesh Mudhabari

Chief Executive

Mr. Mudhabari has more than 10 years of experience in organizational management and execution of projects. He has good skills in the management of human and technical resources and mobilization of human resources to execute the projects. He is very active, committed and dedicated young person with practical experience in organizational management.

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Mr. Arjun Luitel

Chief (Technical & Technology)

Mr. Luitel has more than 7 years of working experience on agricultural technologies. He applied modern agro-technologies in Nepal that he learnt from Israel. He has been teaching young people and small-scale farmers about modern agro-technologies. He has extended  modern agro-technologies especially drip irrigation & poly house technologies to more than 2000 small-scale farmers.

rachMs. Rachana Shrestha

Chief Training Coordinator

Ms. Shrestha possesses good experience in designing and conducting training on agriculture and technology. She loves travelling, learning and getting empowered personally to transfer the knowledge and skills to people involved in farming. She has participated in Asia Pacific Forum on Youth Volunteerism to Promote Participation, Development and Peace held in UN conference Centre Bangkok, Thailand. She has also participated in Fund Raising campaign for ADRF in Korea for 2 month.

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Mr. Subodh Khadka

Post-training, monitoring & evaluation

Mr. Khadka is engaged in a regular field visit, follow-up, monitoring, and evaluation and results measurement of each student/trainee after the education & training session. He is also responsible to offer technical guidance and information to the students, trainees, and farmers for enterprise registration, development, and resource management after the training session.

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Ms. Sheelu Adhikari

Cheif, Agro-entrepreneurship

Ms. Adhikari has worked for more than 10 years in NGOs and media. She runs radio programs on agricultural issues (focusing on agriculture and markets). She is a researcher of agriculture trade, market, post harvest management, market development. She wants to have more knowledge, information and skills on post harvest management and impart knowledge especially to women farmers. She supports farmers for developing agribusiness/agro-entrepreneurship and market linkage.

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Mr. Suman Maharjan

Chief, Mushroom farming & Enterprise unit

Mr. Maharjan has more than 10 years of experience, working in mushroom  production technologies. He has taken trainings from several international institutions. He handles technology development and dissemination aspects of the school of agriculture and providing training to mushroom farmers on mushroom farming technologies. He is passionate in expansively spreading and handing over new and modern technologies to as many farmers as possible.


Mr. Thaneshwor Bashyal

Chief Financial Specialist/Micro-enterprise development

Mr. Bashyal is a Chartered Accountant. For the past 10 years, he has been offering consultancy services to several non-governmental organizations and private agencies in financial management. Additionally, through his Chartered Accountant firm (Bashyal & Associates), he is offering a wide range of services to people and institutions in the field of auditing, accounting, tax advisory, management & business advisory, financial advisory and corporate advisory. He also coordinates micro-enterprise developmental training activities and related projects.


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Mr. Ballav Timalsina

Agro Cooperative development unit

Mr. Timalsina has more than 8 years of experience, working as finance, account and administration officer in several non-governmental organizations. He has also traveled several parts of the country to provide training on agriculture cooperative development and management. He handles finance and administration unit of the school of agriculture.


suMs. Sushila Poudyal

Coordinator, Hands on trainings

Sushila Poudyal has been working in the field of agriculture for the past 7 years. She has managed and coordinated several agriculture-based training programs. She has also worked as a project coordinator for the agriculture project, funded by World Bank and Nepal Government. She handles hands-on-training programs of Prangarik Pathshala(school of agriculture).


                              Mr. Roshan Tiwari

ARoshan Tiwarissociate Finance Coordinator

Roshan Tiwari has more than 3 years of working experience as an associate finance & account officer in a non-governmental organization. He has also taken trainings on finance and account management. He is doing bachelors in business studies. He handles finance and account unit of Prangarik Pathshala, under the guidance of chief of financial unit.


karma sherpa

Mr. Karma Sherpa

Field Technician

Karma Sherpa has more than six year of experience in the field of agriculture. He worked as a field coordinator for 3 years in youth and agriculture-based projects at TNW Nepal. He has been working as a field technician for the past 5 years in Prangarik Pathshala. He has practical experiences of working with japanese agricultural technicians and experts. He himself is a commercial farmer. He handles field-based activities of Prangarik Pathshala.