Agribusiness planning, management and development training (3 days/7 days)

 Topics to be covered

  • Agribusiness planning
  • Agribusiness Environment Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing, Distribution & Sales Plan
  • Production Plan
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Agribusiness management and Organizational Structure


Organic compost or Vermi compost production training

Training course content:

  • Solid waste and its impact in Environment
  • Solid waste and its minimization techniques (concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  • Introduction on Vermicomposting & its Importance
  • Method of Vermicompost preparation
  • Vermicompost collection Technique/ Worm separation technique
  • Vermicompost preparation in large scale
  • Precautionary measures during Vermicomposting
  • Organic manure preparation/Composting
  • Factors affecting in the process of composting
  • Organic manure preparation from different methods (pile composting, bin composting etc)
  • Application of compost manure


Post harvest management training

Course content:

  • Concept of value chain and its important in vegetable enterprises
  • Type of vegetable enterprises (production, processing, trading, service) & marketing
  • Vegetable postharvest handling techniques
  • Methods of storage
  • Methods of preservation and processing of vegetables
  • Postharvest disease & insects pests of vegetables & their managements
  • Apple postharvest handling techniques
  • Tomato postharvest handling techniques


Market system/marketing skill-development training

We develop capacity of small-scale producers and primary-market traders to effectively participate within the market system. We organize Agro-Marketing School(AMS) program to support the promotion of market and value chains development. The AMS attempts to ensure linkages between farmers and consumers. The AMS will work not only with farmer groups but also with groups including farmers, traders, and agro-enterprises (input suppliers, processors, logistics companies) to ensure higher value addition at each stage of the value chain.

We provide marketing (skill development) training to farmers in product development, pricing, advertising, packaging and labeling. Through marketing training, we build capacity to understand the importance of the various elements of marketing in business development. Training is complemented with trade information support through the establishment of an interactive database, which is regularly updated and which the farmers can access, on major buyers, supplies, market prices and other market support information.


Financial education/literacy

Financial education is about helping people to recognize the importance of regular saving and thoughtful expenditure; showing them how to calculate costs and profit margins and work out cash flow plans; ensuring that they understand the role and potential of financial service providers and the products they have on offer; and ensuring that they have the confidence to use these services and ask the right questions, for example, with regard to insurance, bank accounts or interest rates. The farmers or producers or agro-entrepreneurs have to ensure they can purchase inputs and meet other business expenses from their incomes in addition to meeting family demands. So learning to manage money well is an important skill.

We provide financial education to develop a foundation for managing money and to enable the farmers make better financial decisions and maintain a better overall financial well-being. We offer direct financial management training and financial literacy activities.