Market linkage & development

Through our professionals and experts on agricultural marketing and market system development, we offer consulting services on market linkage and market system /development.

Farmers’ linkage with/access to market

We think that farmers’ linkage with agribusiness and access to market is equally important to raise their income level through farming. In this context, we have been enabling, facilitating and assisting technically farmers, producers, farmers’ groups or agricultural cooperatives for linkage with the market, traders and `agribusinesses.

We link farmers to markets by adopting either the “top-down” approach, which involves identifying market demand and then seeking a group of farmers to satisfy it or the “bottom-up” approach of identifying farmers to work with and then finding markets that they could supply. As an external catalyst or facilitator, we are facilitating linkage of farmers to domestic trader, farmer to retailer, linking farmers to agro-processors, exporters by adopting some approaches like market linkages through leading farmers, organizing farmers into formal (agriculture cooperatives) or informal groups to supply their produce in identified markets, mutual trust based trade and contract farming.

At the same time, we are also providing education, training and extending technical assistance for effective management, administration, governance and operation of farmers’ organizations.


Market development

Most of the farmers have limited capacity in marketing, to identify and take advantage of market opportunities offered by the growing local economies. For the smallholder producers, an efficient marketing system and their ability to participate effectively within that system is a determinant of their income.


We enable the agriculture actors and stakeholders to be competitive and resilient in market system. We support the market system actors to be able to effectively innovate, upgrade and add value to their products and services to match market demand and maintain or grow market share. Additionally, we support market system actors to be able to address and overcome the underlying causes of market dysfunction and shocks in the market.

We facilitate the development of market infrastructures like building collection centers, stores(storage centers/cold store), pack houses(for cleaning,grading, packing and supplying the agro-produces), retail outlets, demonstration sites and exhibition halls to provide farmers or producers and traders with greater market access at local level. We facilitate trade shows or exhibitions or fairs, trade shows to facilitate trade, market expansion, increased sales, business linkages and product development at the local level. Trade shows are a potent marketing tool to promote increased market access at the local level and beyond. Exhibitions promote the culture of competition among producers and traders and help expand market access for the farmers at the local level and beyond, leading to increased sales and incomes.