Prangarik Pathshala is the center of education, knowledge development and sharing on agricultural issues. It works to develop highly knowledgeable human resources in agriculture through agricultural education. Through education, Prangarik Pathshala wants to increase productivity of farmers and farming communities, agriculture production, promote agriculture-based economy, income level and ensure food and nutritional security.

We want to transfer adequate and scientific knowledge to farming communities so that they can transform their life and communities.

We want to be a leading institution and known for excellence in the field of agriculture. We want to be on the forefront for practical and technology based education to prepare and produce competent human resources required for sustainable development through agriculture. Our experts, institution’s members, researchers and scholars provide students with appropriate knowledge and ideas on modern, commercial and sustainable agriculture system.

We believe that education on modern farming system and its application is a key to sustainable development. In this context, we are having partnership with national and international institutions that promote agriculture-based development through education.