Consulting services

We possess a strong team of agricultural scientists, experts, highly experienced and skillful agricultural practitioners, technicians and technologists. We have worked as a consultant for several large-scale agro-entrepreneurs and institutions.

We offer agriculture based technical and consulting services to individuals or agro-producers and agricultural stakeholders.

We offer following technical/consulting services:



  • Technical advice and consultancy services for Agro farmhouse design, development, construction and management

  • Management and recruitment of human resources in agriculture sector for governmental, non governmental and private agencies and projects

  • Agriculture related Infrastructure development

  • Establishment and management of technical education and vocational training centers, Technology demonstration centers, Agri Machinery training centers etc.

  • Agriculture business planning

  • Agriculture entrepreneurship, enterprise development & risk reduction

  • Technical management of farm house/agro-enterprise

  • Feasibility study of farmhouse, agriculture business or enterprise

  • Availability of necessary equipment and tools for rooftop/terrace farming and installment services

  • Post-harvest management services

  • Access to modern technologies, tools and machines

  • Organic certification

  • Soil testing services

  • Study, research, survey, analysis and report development on agricultural issues

  • Monitoring, evaluation, supervision and reporting of agricultural projects, businesses or enterprises

  • Advisory services to develop and reform agricultural planning, laws, acts, working procedures, strategies, policies and programs

  • Proposal writing and development