We are promoting agricultural entrepreneurship and agro-based enterprise development in Nepal. We attempt to be a lead promoter of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in agriculture. At the same time, we also want to promote large-scale agro-enterprise development for agricultural industrialization. We want more jobs to be created through agro-enterpreneurship and agribusiness development.


We have an expertise and long experiences of assisting more than 3000 farmers for micro-enterprise development, agricultural enterprise management and development or agricultural entrepreneurship. We are offering training and counseling about agro-enterprise development from the experts and successful agro-entrepreneurs, who have become success in agro-enterprise development.


Agribusiness planning, development & management

We promote agriculture based small, medium and large businesses and cooperatives involved in farming, processing and marketing of agricultural products, and businesses providing products and services specifically to the agricultural sector. We offer services for agribusiness planning, development and management to enable the farmers to be an entrepreneur and run agribusiness successfully.

We offer agri-business development services in three stages:

Start-up stage

Production enhancement training, enterprise development; basic financial management; agri-business planning and management; risk reduction strategies, market identification, marketing and customer orientation

Running stage

Business planning; production planning and management; financial management (budgeting, working capital management, credit management, investment) and marketing (market research, product development)

Industry-oriented stage

Strategic planning and management; pro-active marketing; scale-up investment; production management, financial management (interpretation of financial statements, investment options) and agri-business management