Agriculture extension services

Agricultural extension service is an out-of-school or field based education to be offered to rural farmers and farming communities. Through this scheme, we enable rural farmers to have access to and apply scientific knowledge and research to agricultural practices. We take the research findings out of the lab and transfer technologies to the field for application by rural farming communities.


We are offering agriculture extension services in order to help rural families help themselves to apply scientific knowledge, technologies and ICT to farming practice, so that they will be able to improve their efficiency, technical skills, enhance production and productivity, income level, raise standard of living, ensure food and nutritional security.

We are organizing face-to-face meeting and dialogue with the farmers for communication and sharing information to help people form sound opinions and make proper decisions. We are helping them identify and analyze their production problems, develop their own solutions and become aware of the opportunities for improvement. We are also offering counseling, proper advice and ideas to farmers to promote their agricultural business. At the same time, we help the farmers or producers to link with markets and other relevant actors.