Access to Agro-technology

We want farmers and farming communities to have access to modern technologies to enhance their production and income level. We want to disseminate technologies to farmers. Through our sister venture, G7 Agriculture Pvt. Ltd. we offer modern technologies and tools to farmers or producers or agro-entrepreneurs or farming communities.

Our services:

Drip irrigation system/installment

Drip irrigation is very simple and effective from the point of view of both technical skill and cost. A properly installed drip irrigation technology prevents water loss through overflow, deep filtration and evaporation. Supplements of agriculture nutrients can be applied efficiently together with water through drip irrigation. Drip irrigation allows the delivery of water and nutrients to the roots of plants through a network of pipes. It saves time and no water is wasted. Drip irrigation waters the roots of the plants directly; therefore, farmers do not need to spread water all over resulting in wastage through evaporation. It can be applied even in the odd-shaped land and uneven topography.

Through our technical/technology unit, we are installing drip irrigation system on farmland.


Plastic tunnel or poly house house and Hi-tech green house construction

Poly house technology is the system of growing vegetables by protecting the crops from extreme rain. Growing a vegetable garden in a poly tunnel extends vegetable growing season. A poly tunnel enables the farmers to grow off seasonal vegetables and provide weather protection, a sheltered place for nurturing seedlings. A poly tunnel can expand the scope of food growing. This technology protects the plants from further damage and loss from extreme weather conditions. This technology helps in enhancing production and productivity and eventually helps in enhancing the economic condition of people.

Through our team of technicians and technologists, we construct plastic tunnel houses and Hi-tech green houses.


Agro Technology Center

We have set up an Agro Technology Center, at our office to show modern agricultural technologies and tools to the farmers and disseminate such technologies to farming communities.

For agriculture technology based services, equipments and tools

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