Access to agro inputs

In Nepal, most of all the farmers have reported that they receive low quality agricultural inputs. As a result, they do not get maximum quality production. In order to prevent the farmers from using low quality agricultural inputs, PP attempts to improve the knowledge of and access to quality agricultural inputs for smallholder farmers and emerging agro entrepreneurs.

If farmers don’t know the use of fertilizers or improved seeds, they will not use it. In this regard, we want agro-input dealers to provide market information to the farmers. We believe that the role of input dealers is to ensure that farmers are properly educated about the acceptability of their products, pricing, and quality. Agro-dealers are supposed to be the ones to educate the farmers on the proper usage of the inputs.

So, PP provides trainings and technical assistance on business management and ethics, basic agronomics, safe use and handling of pesticides and other related topics to not only to farmers but also to agro-input retailers and dealers.

PP provides high-quality technical training and advisory service to ultimately increase smallholder production and productivity.