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About Us

Prangarik Pathshala is a SCHOOL of AGRICULTURE founded to inspire, educate, empower/train & engage farmers including young men and women in technology based commercial agriculture/agro-entrepreneurship and produce agricultural entrepreneurs & competent human resources in agriculture sector. It promotes small, medium-sized and large-scale enterprises in agriculture sector through technical education, knowledge transfer, vocational training/skill development, agricultural extension services, market linkage, innovations in agriculture, modernization, mechanization and application. It attempts to contribute for the creation of jobs through the promotion and development of agro-enterprise and agri-business.

It focuses on environment-friendly, modern technology and ICT based sustainable and commercial farming. It attempts to train and support YOUNG people, rural people (people living below poverty line and small-scale farmers) to adopt modern farming techniques, increase their production/productivity, enhance quality of their production, ensure food and nutritional security, develop a sustainable agri-business/ agro-enterprise and finally to raise their income level, improve livelihoods and living standard. It attempts to empower & support the poor, marginalized, under-served, disadvantaged and displaced people and rural farmers to reduce poverty. It works to transfer knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to and develop the capacity of smallholder farmers or producers to enhance their competitiveness. It develops capacity of agriculture extension workers, agribusiness, service providers and local actors to deliver cost-effective services and products more efficiently to farmers or producers.In this context, it works in partnership with/with the support of relevant stakeholders (governmental agencies, non governmental agencies, international agencies, community based organizations, private sectors, banking/financial institutions and people).Read more

Target: More than 100,000 youth agro-entrepreneurs


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